Education and Outreach

Knowledge is the first line of defense against liability. The more you know about legal and governance issues, the less likely you’ll encounter problems in the future. Take advantage of our educational programs today!

The Colorado Nonprofit Legal Center provides educational seminars directly to clients and conducts classes at Colorado Free University. Find out more below.

Educational Seminars

The Colorado Nonprofit Legal Center offers seminars to assist clients in understanding governance best practices and legal issues facing nonprofits. The seminars are an excellent way to get your board of directors and/or staff up to speed on critical governance and legal issues. Seminars are typically 1-2 hours, but can be customized to fit your nonprofit’s specific needs. Discover more about the seminars here.

Join us on February 11, 2021 from 12pm-1pm MST for a seminar on Fiduciary Duties in the Nonprofit Sector. Registration is $20 and include a presentation by attorney Katie Thomas followed by a Q&A session. Understanding fiduciary duties is critical in order to avoid liability for the organization and yourself. Register today here.

CFU Classes

Colorado Free University offers a wide array of adult education classes in the Denver metro area. Katie teaches Nonprofit Governance & Legal Issues: Avoid Liability for You and Your Nonprofit on a monthly basis. This class covers a broad array of common governance and legal issues facing nonprofits. The information is critical to ensuring the protection of your nonprofit’s assets so that more money can go to mission driven activities. Find out more about CFU classes here.