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Currently, 95% of our revenue comes from fee-for-service. To enable us to offer free legal services to smaller nonprofits, we need $50,000 annually from different sources of revenue. Help us get started on our ambitious goal today!

The Power of your Donation

Learn about how your donation helps nonprofits

“CNLC helped us negotiate all of the legal agreements with Xcel energy in order to help launch EV carsharing in under-serviced, low-income and high emissions communities across the Xcel service territory. Partly as a result of this effort, over 30% of our fleet in service is now electric (and over 60% of our total fleet with many new EV carshare locations that will be deployed in 2024!).

CNLC has also been invaluable at our Board of Directors level in helping us to get our “house” in order. They helped with reviewing and updating all of our Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and governance policies and procedure.”

“CNLC has consulted with us several times on re-branding the initial charter of the non-profit and also on accounting questions. We love Katie Thomas!”

“We are providing opportunities for U.S. Military Veterans to train and then be paid to work in youth sports AND we are building the numbers of qualified youth sports officials in America, FREE of cost to veterans!”

For a $200 donation, you could subsidize 4 hours of legal work for nonprofits with a gross annual revenue under $10,000! For a $350 donation, you could subsidize 6 hours, and for a $500 donation, you could subsidize the complete starter pack we offer to nonprofits, which includes Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, and assistance with IRS Forms.