CNLC Awarded Colorado bar foundation grant

Last year, Colorado Nonprofit Legal Center was awarded a grant by the Colorado Bar Foundation. This grant has allowed CNLC to be given CLE-Status for approved educational lunch seminars. Colorado attorneys are required to complete 45 credits of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education by December 31st every 3 years. The importance of CLE is exemplified in the quote below.

As society becomes more complex, the delivery of legal services likewise becomes more complex. The public expects that lawyers, in their practice of law, and judges, in the performance of their duties, will continue their legal and judicial education throughout their legal career. The purpose of mandatory continuing legal education requirements is to ensure that every lawyer and judge in Colorado pursues a plan of continuing legal education and professional development throughout their career in order to promote competence and professionalism and to remain current on the law in our rapidly changing society.

Colorado Supreme Court,

The CLE-approved seminars include all of the Fiduciary Duties in the Nonprofit Sector seminars. This seminar is given every month due to the importance of fiduciary duties. We are so thankful that the Colorado Bar Foundation has given us the opportunity to educate lawyers on the nonprofit sector. If you are interested in attending one of our lunch seminars, you can buy tickets here:

Thank you to our Platinum Supporter!

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