Help Nonprofits in Colorado Gain Access to Legal Services by Donating Today!

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Did you know that market rates for nonprofit attorneys in Colorado are approximately $300/hour? This makes legal services inaccessible to most nonprofits. In Colorado alone, there are 3,566 nonprofits registered with annual revenue under $50,000. Colorado Nonprofit Legal Center (CNLC) bridges the gap in access by charging clients on a sliding scale based on annual revenue. For nonprofits with revenue under $50,000, the fixed fees for legal services equate to approximately $50/hour.

The only way we can continue assisting nonprofits who would otherwise have to navigate legal issues without the advice and counsel of an attorney is through your generosity. We have an anonymous donor who is matching up to $5,000. We have already raised just under $2,000!

Will you help us maximize this matching gift and donate today?

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