Donate Today and Double Your Impact!

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Colorado Nonprofit Legal Center (CNLC) strives to reduce legal barriers faced by nonprofits operating in Colorado by providing affordable legal services and governance education. This allows CNLC’s clients to spend more time and money on their own missions.

The Realness Project, a CNLC client, is dedicated to empowering human connection. They radically transform the lives of inmates across the nation by developing their capacity to create authentic relationships with themselves and others. Inmates assisted by the Realness Project consistently express how life-changing the program is. Check out Realness Project testimonials to see the amazing work they do. The Realness Project utilized CNLC’s services to structure a relationship with a for-profit entity in a manner that does not jeopardize its tax exemption, thus ensuring Realness Project’s continued impact on the lives of inmates.

By making a donation to CNLC today, you help impact nonprofits across Colorado, such as the Realness Project. A generous donor has agreed to match all donations made through November 23, up to $5,000. That means your donation goes twice as far!

Donate today and help nonprofits across Colorado!

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