Almost 20% of Registered Charities in Colorado are out of Compliance! Don’t be one of them!

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The Colorado Secretary of State’s 2019 Annual Report on Charitable Solicitations in Colorado indicates that 18.7% of registered charities in Colorado failed to file the required renewal to legally solicit donations within the state.  This is only one of the annual filings that charities must complete at the state level.  Below is a chart to assist your nonprofit in complying with Colorado law.

Periodic ReportMaintains the nonprofit corporation in good standing.  This is an annual filing.
Annual Charity RegistrationAllows the charity to solicit within the state of Colorado
Colorado Sales Tax ExemptionExempts a charity from paying state sales tax on most purchases.  This is a one-time filing and the exemption does not expire.
County Sales Tax ExemptionExempts a charity from paying county sales tax on most purchases.  Renew every 5 years.Varies by county
Income TaxMost charitable income is tax exempt.  However, an income tax return must be filed at the state level if your charity has unrelated business income.
Personal Property Tax ExemptionExempts a charity from paying taxes on owned personal property.  This is an annual filing and you must file for each county in which you have personal property.

While there may be other filings your charity is required to submit, this list covers the core filings all charities should know about.


Did you know the Colorado Nonprofit Legal Center can assist with these filings?  Reach out today with any questions you have and to inquire about pricing.  All state filings are completed on a fixed fee basis.

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